mentorship Program

Take your Life to the next level!

This mentoring is for current and/or up and coming trainers. From how to price, finding your niche, how to create a culture within your program, how to create client sustainability, actual exercise form, how to communicate with clients along with things that will help you stand out from the rest.

The main thing that is a MUST for this mentorship is a LOVE and a PASSION to help others. This is a service industry, and we need to approach it just that way.

This is not about us, as trainers, at all. It is about making people feel cared for while educating them and giving them knowledge of fitness

Personal Development Coaching (PDC)

For those who need more of a life coaching experience, I'm also adding Personal Development Coaching (PDC) in! Together we will identify the areas you are struggling with, and we attack those areas and make those areas into STRENGTHS.

We will talk once a week on the phone, and the rest of the time you have me on text whenever you need. Whether it be personal life, career, job, friends, family, developing better habits, or cutting toxic ones... I’m there to simply make your life better. I’m going to give you advice and techniques that have helped me in my life and be there for you through anything you need love, guidance, and direction with. I got you! ❤️

Personal Development
Communication W/ ryan