Virtual Group Form Sessions 

Hello, ladies! I'm excited to introduce Virtual Group Form Sessions to you!

This opportunity allows you to fully leverage the service I offer by significantly reducing the cost—almost by 70%! My Form Sessions are designed to transform your fitness journey completely.

Here's how the Group Sessions work: You sign up for a time slot, and once four women have registered for the same slot, I'll reach out via text to coordinate a day for our session. If everyone in the group uses an iPhone, we'll connect through a Group FaceTime call. Otherwise, if any participant has an Android device, we'll conduct the session over Zoom, and I'll provide you with the link.

Each session will last between 40 to 45 minutes, focusing on basic lower body exercises and any other exercises you're interested in exploring!

The best part? You can participate from the comfort of your home—there's no need to go to a gym. We just need a quiet space where we can communicate effectively.

I'm thrilled about the potential impact of this service on your fitness journey. I can't wait to help all of you lift correctly and see the positive changes in your workouts!

Once you have paid for your spot in a group form session, you will select which time slot works best for you and will then have the option of choosing a session based on your skill levels. A beginner session will be going over form of the basic exercises such as regular squats, lunges, RDL, hip thrusts. An advanced session is for individuals who want to learn and review advanced movements such as curtsy lunge, single leg hip thrust and B-stance movements!!

Time Slots: 10am and 5:30pm. PST

$55 Per Person