Ryan Read is the Owner/Founder of Thrive Specialized Training. As a former Professional Basketball player overseas, hardwork and fitness has always been in his wheelhouse. After suffering a career-ending injury, he started training close friends and family members to make ends meet. Once he took the leap and moved to Scottsdale, AZ--The mecca of people who value appearance and fitness--Thrive was born. Fast forward to today, Thrive now has 8 certified personal trainers across 3 locations in Scottsdale, downtown Phoenix, and San Diego. Thrive has over 400 in-person clients, and almost 1500 clients nationwide that Thrive Online! In addition to his growing training business, Ryan created the Ryan Read Fitness product line that houses 10 products including his own original form mat! Additionally, Ryan has over 180k followers on Instagram and over 1 million on TikTok. Ryan has appeared on Good Morning LaLa Land, various podcasts, and has been named one of the most Influential Fitness Personalities of Scottsdale by AZ Foothills Magazine. Outside of training and running his products business, Ryan has a podcast called "Whoa it's Ryan" and a YouTube channel based around fitness!

My mission is to promote health, inspire happiness and spread knowledge worldwide. To give people the tools they need to become stronger and better humans, to change the world.