The Thriving 10 package

Ryan brings you all his services on a platter!

From 1 on 1 personal training, that will show you the pace and intensity that you need to workout with to see maximum results, to teaching you form so your glutes can actually grow. He brings you mentoring and helps with your relationship/personal life so they can be successful, and helping you find what blocks are in your life that are limiting your life from greatness.


Also body work! Ryan will help your recovery, from stretching to working on your injuries and telling you how to work around them. And help you really kill it with your nutrition. He will explain and go over how we can really make progress with what we eat!

For two full days, Ryan will give you three personal training sessions. two stretching/body recovering sessions, two mentoring/personal life growth sessions, two form sessions and a nutrition session! A Thriving 10 sessions that will completely change your life.

These two days will completely change your life. Ryan will bring his energy into your life and after the two days with him are done, you will feel reenergized, less stressed, and completely ready to take on life and its challenges. 

You are also able to use Ryan’s services in a different manner if you like! For example if you wanted more than two form sessions, you can! And we can substitute from a different service! As long as it equals 10 in total!

Ryan will also allow the Thriving 10 Package to be semi-private! Meaning he will allow up to 4 parties in each session! Allows this to be more affordable! 


Before purchasing please DM Ryan about dates and details.