How do I Update My PayMent or Cancel Online Training?

We have a few ways for you:

1.) If you signed up on PayPal, you can change your payment information or cancel through your PayPal account.

2.) If you signed up with your card directly, you can use this link:

How Do I switch from gym to home plan?
(and/or vice versa)

It's as easy as messaging Ryan in the app and requesting to switch plans!

My Workouts aren't logging- Help!

No worries! Its one of two things!

1.) Make sure when you don't DELETE your workout after posting to fix something on it. The app will remember the first time you post it and wont show. If you need to fix something, just EDIT them!

2.) Update your app!

The Form Videos aren't loading..

No worries!


2.) If it shows there are no updates available, delete the app and reinstall it!  

3.) Double check your service/internet!

When Is my next payment due?

Because its on a monthly auto renewal subscription system, your next payment will be 1 month from the day you signed up! You can scroll through your messages to see when you first downloaded the app or check out your client portal in the first tab above!

How Long SHould the workouts take me

Workouts should be on average 45-60 minutes, it’ll take about a week or two to get the hang of my style but after that you should be good. If you don't finish the workouts, THATS OK! I don't want you to burn yourself out, you will get there- PROMISE. If trying to lean do an ADDITIONAL 20 min of cardio a day, 5x a week. My recommendation for weights are what I do with my girls, you will get there if you aren't currently there, if it's too light then go heavier while keeping good form!

Can I move Sets Around?

If your gym is busy, I get it! Try to get the exercises in the order that they are, but if your gym is busy feel free to move the sets around to help you have access to the equipment you need!