Ryan Read’s Tips for Proper Form in the Gym

Ryan Read’s Tips for Proper Form in the Gym

Proper form is the most essential aspect of working out. Improper form can quickly lead to injury, and you won’t see the results you want. Without proper form, you could work out consistently and eat right for months just to be disappointed when it comes time to measure your progress.


Here at Thrive Specialized Training, we are all about becoming a little bit better than we were yesterday. Just getting 1% better every day means that we will become 365% better than we were a year ago!


So, instead of jumping to the gym, grabbing weights, trying to remember what you saw in that one TikTok video, and hoping for the best… use these tips for proper form.


Psst… while you’re on TikTok, follow Ryan @ryanreadthrive. There are tons of great videos for those who prefer to connect visuals to these instructions.

Ryan Read Corrects Your Form

There are proper form tips for every exercise, many of which Ryan goes into on his TikTok. We could write a whole blog post for each tip, so we’re just going to boil this one down to the basics:


  • Keep your core tight and your back straight for every lift. Try to think about pulling your belly button to your spine and rotating your hips forward. Generally, you don’t want your back arched with your booty sticking up in the air – this leaves your lower back muscles vulnerable and can lead to injury.
  • Execute each rep slowly, with control. If you ever have an exercise plan that requires “explosive” movement, slowly getting into the position to explode will ensure proper form as you blast off.
  • Know your limits. While it’s good to push yourself in the gym (it’s how you get big and strong!), it’s dangerous to push yourself too much. You want to just get to the edge of what you can handle, so you don’t cheat with improper form or hurt yourself.
  • Look straight down when doing reverse deadlifts or deadlifts. This helps keep your spine straight, so you don’t risk hurting your back.
  • Work on managing your stress. Yes, you read that right! Stress can lead to a lack of focus in the gym, which can cause you to forget the small (but very important) details that make up a great workout. 

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