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I purchased the booty bands and/or form mat and I have not received the digital guide. How do I get the guide?

Claim your guide by visiting the guides tab located at the top of ryanreadthrive.com. Next, add the form guide to cart if you purchased the form mat or band guide to cart if you purchased the booty bands. Finally, add the promo code on the flyer located in the box (after the product arrives) within the discount code field during checkout. Complete the checkout process and you’ll get your free guide!

How long does it take to receive the guide after I enter the discount code for the form mat or booty bands?

Instantly! You will be able to download your guide right after purchasing without having to leave the site. Additionally, an email will be sent with your download. Please note, your confirmation email WILL NOT have your download.

How do i get in contact with support?

Best way to get in contact with us is either using the "Contact" page on the top of the navigation bar or simply emailing Ryanreadllc@gmail.com!